Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard Accredited by ANSI

As a standards developer, PEARL’s commitment to the betterment of the electrical equipment reconditioning industry has been validated by the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) recent accreditation of PEARL’s Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard for Electrical Apparatus and Equipment. The standard, which defines the procedures required to assess, recondition and validate electrical equipment for safe reuse, was submitted into ANSI in November 2017 and was approved this month.

According to Dan Hook, PEARL Standards Committee Chairman, the journey from developing the standard to its ultimate approval has been a long, yet gratifying one. Said Hook, the ANSI designation’s impact on the electrical equipment industry as a whole cannot be emphasized enough.

“This standard lays out a sanctioned path to safely utilize older electrical equipment in the field through the reconditioning process in accordance with and beyond OEM specifications,” said Hook. “Another important aspect to ANSI accreditation is that the National Electrical Code now recognizes reconditioned electrical equipment as a viable option, yet there was no industry standard to cover it. Now there is, which lends invaluable credence and authority to PEARL’s mission and work.”

“This is an incredible achievement for PEARL and its membership,” said Howard Herndon, president of PEARL. “As an organization, PEARL took the leadership position on developing the standard for ANSI accreditation, which signifies the standard as a legitimate and authoritative document focused on reconditioned electrical equipment.”

Founded in 1997, the Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL) is a national trade organization for companies that supply quality surplus and reconditioned/remanufactured electrical equipment and apparatus. PEARL is an ANSI accredited standards developer.

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